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November 2012, Toronto, Ontario


A Brief Hx of Aerial Photography




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Steve Johnson's New Yukon Airways Collection

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Flight of the Curtiss Lark to Red Lake - 1926

Preview: Places & Planes The RCAF at Work
Flying the Varuna

Pilot, Engineer and Observer in Vickers Varuna

This website was created by Robert Galway as a retirement project stimulated by being presented with a collection of vintage photographs of old "Flying Canoes" and their successor aircraft carrying out surveying assessments in Northern Canada in the 1920's. This was shortly after he had stumbled across a book authored by Bernard S. Shaw entitled "Surveying Canada from Flying Canoes"

Robert is a graduate of Victoria College, University of Toronto (1958) where he had the good fortune of taking courses in Geological Sciences while obtaining a degree in Political Science & Economics

After ten years working during summer vacation periods as a Geophysical Operator and in Geological Exploration in Northern Ontario and Labrador he completed his M.D. at University of Toronto (1963). Subsequently, he obtained his Fellowship in Orthopaedic Surgery (1970) and practiced in the west of Toronto for over thirty years.

His long standing interest in aviation, led early on to a pilot license with IFR and Float ratings. In more recent time, his interest in the outdoors led to cruising the crystal waters of northern Georgian Bay, as well as the North Channel

This has given rise to a deep interest in the history of Canadian Aviation and the careers of people and pilots that contributed to the establishment of commercial aviation in Canada in the aftermath of WWI (1919-1940). This interest extends to the Aero-philatelic history of that era

History of Semi Official Airmail in Canada.

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