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A Gallery of Semi-Officials
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Credits for Articles, Images and other Information

Farrington at Red Lake I must express at the outset my very deep sense of sincere appreciation to Les Balla in recognizing the historic value of these vintage images and the survey data cards that he salvaged and preserved over the past several years. In addition, his encouragement for me to pursue and complete this project was a source of motivation that played a major role in bringing this modest publication to a final conclusion that once seemed beyond reach.

Finally, in no small measure of I owe a deeply felt vote of thanks to Anne Galway, my wife and best friend, who indulged me in this late life undertaking at the expense of other priorities that received short shrift over the several months that this project evolved from a simple case of creating an album to house these valuable vintage images, to one of finding a permanent home for them as well as bringing them alive in print. Robert Galway Craigleath, Ontario September 10, 2012

Les Balla deserves the credit for collecting the material that constitutes this web presence. Although he has no direct ongoing responsibility for the material contained herein, it was established with his permission. It is anticipated that from time to time, given availability and as the occasion demands, he will contribute to the evolution of this site in both an editorial capacity and as well as a contributor to its future expression.
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