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Places, Planes, People and Pilots - Volume 1
Early Days in the "Bush" with the RCAF
A Pictorial Essay



A Brief Hx of Aerial Photography




Places of Note


Steve Johnson's New Yukon Airways Collection

A Gallery of Photographs


Flight of the Curtiss Lark to Red Lake - 1926

Preview: Places & Planes The RCAF at Work
The Aerial Photographers at work in a DH4A

C. B. Donnelly
C. H. Taggart
C.S. MacDonald
E.P. Bowman
E.S. Fry
H.F. Lambart
J. Carroll
J. Russell
J.W. Pierce
K.F. McCusker
R.D. Davidson

This Volume is dedicated to the above intrepid group of men and to Romeo Vachon, who flew the first aircraft into Red Lake, Ontario in 1924 from the Minaki Airbase while on Fire Patrol for OPAS (in a Curtiss HS-2L).

They have recently been donated to the Archives at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Les Balla and Robert Galway

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