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Places, Planes, People & Pilots - Volume 7
The Early Airfields of Toronto
A Pictorial Essay: Images 1-20


A Brief Hx of Aerial Photography




Places of Note


Steve Johnson's New Yukon Airways Collection

A Gallery of Photographs


Flight of the Curtiss Lark to Red Lake - 1926

Preview: Places & Planes The RCAF at Work
air_1, Silver Dart air_2a Willard air_3a de Lesseps air_41 JAD McCurdy air_5a Curtiss
air_6a Long Branch air_7a Armour Heights air_8a Leaside RFC air_9a Brian Peck air_10 UofT
air_11 Willowdale air_12 Dufferin air_13 CNE air_14 Santa WRM air_15 TFC
Air_16 Newtonbrook air_17 Barker air_18 DH air_19 Island air_20, Avian SFC

Selected Images from "The Early Airfields of Toronto: 1909-1937
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