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Patricia Airways Curtiss "Lark" in Winter Dress

Click Image to Go To Information on the new Book on Capt. Wm.Roy Maxwell (1892-1946)

Captain Roy Maxwell is an intriguing figure in Canadian Aviation History. His accomplishments are many. Some of these accomplishments are the stuff that legends are made from such as the Flight of the Curtiss Lark from New York to Red Lake in March of 1926

However, a search of the Internet reveals a paucity of personal details.

Moreover in spite of his accomplishments that include the first aerial Medivac flight in Canada, his name is singularly lacking from the Roster of the Canadian Aviation Hall of Fame. This raises the question as to whether this is due to simple oversight or the outcome of a very long standing professional conflict

Whatever the reason for his absence from the CAHF Roll, it is my personal opinion that this oversight should be corrected forthwith. However, it is not possible to submit a nomination in the absence of personal details including date and place of birth and other elements of a personal nature that are required by the CAHF nominating process.

If any individual who is supportive of his nomination to the CAHF and has knowledege of Roy Maxwell's personal details, I would be pleased to hear from you and welcome any assistance in carrying the nomination process forward.

The following link is to a precis of my own personal reasons for initiating the project to prepare a submission to the CAHF nominating Capt. Roy Maxwell to the Canadian Aviation Hall of Fame.

Nomination of Roy Maxwell to CAHF.

Dr. Robert Galway

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